Georgia Cavanagh
Digital Product Designer

About Georgia Cavanagh


I'm a digital product designer, motivated by cohesion, intelligence and beauty, based in London.

Within my career I've enjoyed  growing young startups and established companies; from brand and style development, user journeys and prototypes, to high fidelity designs and post-launch iterations.

I like to make sense of complex tasks and then make them beautiful in their simplicity. I prefer to approach product design as a holistic experience, using the logic and interface to compliment each other, grounded in genuine user needs.

I was shortlisted as one of the top 10 UX designers on YunoJuno in 2017.

Most recently, I’ve worked as a UX designer for one of the largest professional services firms in the world. 

I’ve also enjoyed working with a small team to creating a highly detailed Design System for Arbor Education software platform, consolidating and improving the functionality, usage and visual design of existing components, spanning over 1400 pages.

I was Lead Product Designer for Kong, a UK eCommerce software startup, selected for UKTI SXSW2016 delegation and featured on Product Hunt’s prestigious top 10 Tech feed - twice.

As part of Near Now studio, my team were accepted into the second stage of funding application for the Nominet Trust Social Tech Seed, with the aim of producing a progressive web app for freelancers exploring new or unused skills and interests. 

I’m most satisfied creating meaningful experiences for users of socially responsible brands.

In my role as Senior Designer at Kind agency, I enjoyed creating beautiful solutions with a purpose.

In my downtime, I can probably be found in my kitchen eating cheese, hanging out with some ‘79 disco classics.


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